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Are you interested in finding out how a Referee Management SiteReferee Management Site can help simplify and automate assigning processes at your Association? The steps are simple:

  1. Review our Getting Started information.
  2. Set up a hassle-free consultation with RidgeStar - we'll meet with you at our office, by phone, or via email to discuss the needs and structure of your Organization.
  3. Print out and sign our Service Agreement when you are ready to go! We'll get started on your Site right away.


The Referee Management Site fee ranges from Service Tier 3 ($2,000) and up, completely dependent upon the volume of Users, Matches, and complexity of the site. The "typical" Chapter (if there is such a thing) operates in Service Tier 4 ($2,625 annually).

The fee includes database application development, email services, security tools, graphics conversion, domain name, design, and hosting, with NO other monthly charges. You can also add other functions including SSL certificates, customized graphics, and online credit card processing, but each Service adds to the overall total RSU consumption for Service Tier placement.

Please speak with a RidgeStar account representative for ideas and real-life examples on how to share the costs of your Referee Management Site with other clients, leagues, or sponsors. It is possible to make the Site very affordable - even just pennies per game - for your entire ChapterChapter today!