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Building a custom-designed Referee Management SiteReferee Management Site takes a little bit of elbow grease and collaboration between you and our Internet team. But don't worry, our Internet experts will help you to make a smooth transition into the online world. Here's how the process works:

  1. The first step to building a successful SiteSite is to form an advice team from your ChapterChapter. Choose one person to lead the project and to make final decisions. We recommend that the team leader and main Site AdministratorAdministrator be the same person. This person (also referenced as the "SiteManager" or the "WebMaster") should know, or be willing to learn, basic Internet protocols and laws, such as those pertaining to the use of bulk email in your state.
  2. Review your Chapter's assigning, billing, and judicial strategies and start thinking about the problems you'd like to solve with your Site. We'll work with you to incorporate these strategies to perfectly suit your Chapter.
  3. Gather the content and information that you want to include within the various Segments of your Site and fill out a Look and Feel form. We'll start adding in your graphics and information and building prototype pages for your review.
  4. Review the Site prototypes and choose the general style that best suits your Chapter's requirements. We'll then implement the style and make your Site available on the Web.
  5. Your Referee Management Site is ready to go! Site Administrators can logon to add information, set User authorities, and monitor the Site. Users - Assignors, Referees, Clients, Leagues, and Teams - can logon and click to the pre-authorized Site Segments to accurately and efficiently fulfill their jobs and stay abreast of upcoming events and standings. It's that simple!