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So ... YOU want RidgeStar to build you a Referee Scheduling Site and you're going to be the RidgeStar SiteManagerSiteManager. Here's the things YOU will have to do, think about, organize, and/or have ready for implementation. The length of time it will take to get your site operational IS A FUNCTION of how well you can address these things. In short, the more organized you are, the faster the whole thing will happen.

  1. Read, understand and Sign the Service Agreement
  2. Select a Domain Name (if you do not already have one)
  3. Define the desired general functionality of the Site, identifying anticipated Areas (Administrator, Assignor, Referee, Information, and Services are the typical minimums). Some sites also have Assessor, Client/Organization/Club, Coach, and Officer, etc.). Browse around to get a bit of a feel for the sorts of things that are possible.
  4. Establish the precise definitions for the Terms that will be used on the Site (a standard definition of what a League, Level, Division, Ranking, etc. is and will be critical to facilitate basic understanding amongst all participants)
  5. Collect and provide all static material you want available on the site (ByLaws, Operating Procedures, and other policies)
  6. Provide a machine readable copy of your Logo (if you've got one, in SVG format) or select a couple of colors you'd like to see used on the site.
  7. Select one of the Site Prototype alternatives (RidgeStar will provide these for your inspection).
  8. Define and provide a list of any FieldField or LocationLocation used in your geographical Region for Matches
  9. Work with RidgeStar to define, proof read, and ready the public information for production use
  10. Provide a list of the Users you want to have access to the private areas of the site
  11. Define the makeup of your Site's SiteNameSiteName
  12. Start active maintenance of your site Calendar and What's New? announcements
  13. Test, understand, and confirm the Agreements that may be in place on the site, new password standards, and how new Users will gain access to the site
  14. Provide the values of the Match characteristics (LeagueLeague, LevelLevel, DivisionDivision, Gender, Age, etc., used within your Chapter).
  15. Define MatchMatch Rankings (complexity), which will be used for BOTH Matches and establishing Referee capabilities (for SelfAssign)
  16. Identify the SelfAssign and Turnback Rules you'd like to apply
  17. Rank all the Referees according to the Rankings table
  18. Publish the current Fee Schedule that applies to completed Assignments
  19. Train your Chapter participants, go Production, and start active Scheduling! YOU'RE UP!!!!

A few things to know about Site Operations

RidgeStar and the people there will:

  1. Keep the ServerServer hosting your Site up and operational and provide you with periodic performance and throughput statistics associated with your site
  2. Answer questions from the SiteManager about the Site, it's design, and it's operation
  3. Provide design services to keep your Site functional, supportable, and maintainable to meet the general objectives
  4. Fix any Scripting or HTML based errors

YOU are responsible for:

  1. Understanding how your site works
  2. Answering all questions from your Chapter participants (password questions, etc.).
  3. Describing problems you want to solve with the site ("Describe the problem, not the solution!" and your life will be easier).
  4. Fixing any data or use related errors

Remember, RidgeStar provides you the tools necessary to schedule effectively. However, we do NOT actually do the scheduling or operate your Chapter for you, YOU have to do that. We think we've provided a great tool to permit you to do it pretty effectively, but the fact remains that YOU have to be actively involved or the tool won't meet the objectives we all have for it.